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Frensham was the name of my grandparent's garden in Hauraki, Auckland.  My Grandfather loved dogs, he welcomed a greeting from all the dogs he met on his morning walks along Takapuna beach, but he had a particualr soft spot for the scruffy looking ones.  Sadly he never got to meet my Irish, but he would have loved them as much as I do.  He often used the term "a bold-hearted beast", which is such an apt term for describing an Irish Terrier.  

Frensham is only a small kennel; breeding Irish terriers is my avocation - first and foremost our dogs are much-loved members of our family.  Together with my three boys, our horses and our Irish Terriers, we live on a lifestyle block in rural Manawatu.  At any point in time we may have up to six dogs of varying ages; one or two breeding age bitches, a stud dog, an old faithful, and occasionally an up and coming youngster.  

I first saw an Irish Terrier in 2000 when I was on my OE (Overseas Experience).  I was working as a land-girl on a farm in County Kildare, Ireland ... my friend asked me to accompany her to a dog show in Dublin where I saw a magnificant red dog standing on the tips of his toes, facing up a Rottweiler easily three times his weight.  I had no idea what breed he was - but I knew I wanted one!  It turned out that he was an Irish Terrier.

About a year after returning home to New Zealand, I saw an advertisement for a litter in the local newspaper.  I said to my then fiancé that I was going to look at them, to which he replied "don't you come home with one" ... famous last words!  

Her name was Magee.

Little did I know that this small orange bundle of mischief would be the start of a wonderful journey, and a lifelong love affair with Irish Terriers.  I grew up with dogs, and trained my own farm working dogs, but never really considered myself a 'dog-person' - at least that was until Magee came into my life.  There is something mystical about Irish Terriers.  Our second Irish Terrier, Fionn, joined us when Magee was 6 years old, followed by another a year later ... I am now unashamedly an 'Irish terrier-person' and will never be without one or two, ... or three!

I am a foundation member of the DogsNZ (NZKC) Accredited Breeders Scheme, and am currently the only accredited Irish Terrier breeder in New Zealand.  I am committed to ensuring quality, selectively bred Irish Terriers continue to be available in New Zealand.  My focus is on raising healthy, conformationally sound, well adjusted puppies with great temperaments, that will be wonderful additions to their forever families; and that can excel at any chosen discipline from companionship through obedience, agility, and traditional working terrier roles. 

I'm honoured to be able to share this truely wonderful breed with others!

Best regards, Rebecca

It's an Irish Terrier thing, ... until you've shared your life with one, you will never truely understand! 


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Rebecca Drummond
Manawatu, NZ
Email : [email protected]